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Playground Non-Alcoholic IPA

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This is the most awarded non-alcoholic IPA in the world: Playground! It originated as a one-off special in an innovative series of beers. During a period of family expansion at Sander and Ronald's home, they wondered, among other things, why no one used American hops in low-alcohol beer. That's why they went looking for the best ingredients and brewing techniques, learning from their German colleagues along the way. They came up with a completely new recipe featuring a unique yeast that barely converts sugars into alcohol, special malts that provide body, and the tastiest American hops. The taste of the Playground Non-Alcoholic IPA is full of peach and fresh citrus fruits. It is a beer with a substantial body, ensuring a round bitter mouthfeel. Playground symbolizes what the VANDESTREEK brewery is to the brewers – a playground. They get to play every day with ingredients, machines, each other, and, last but not least, forklifts!